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Teaching Foundation Programme

Preparing to Teach in The Lifelong Learning Sector - PTLLS


Entry to the teaching profession is becoming increasingly competitive and this course is designed to give learners skills which will benefit them in the classroom and demonstrate their commitment to the profession.


The target market is candidates who wish to work as teaching assistants, administrative assistants or teachers; professionals who wish to train others and wish to obtain an accredited qualification, students who are unsure of their career direction and wish to gain insight into the profession; students who wish to enhance their GTP or PGCE applications with evidence of their commitment; industry experts who wish to become trainers (e.g. in-house) or take part in CPD to improve their training credentials.


The Foundation in Teaching Programme or PTLLS are Level 3 qualifications for learners entering the teaching profession or the ones who wish to update their knowledge.


The training programme is comprised of at least 30 hours of training time, with an additional 30 hours for assimilation, consolidation and assignment planning, development and submission. 30 Hours of training time will be covered Face to Face or through online live delivery of the course.


Expected understanding

The aim of this programme is to enable learners to understand the role and responsibilities of a teacher and the relationships between different professionals. The unit covers responsibilities for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment for learners.


Benefits to candidates in their employment

Candidates who are not qualified but intend to take teaching as a profession or wish to work as a teaching assistant will be able to demonstrate commitment to the profession.


Candidates who are already qualified teachers will be able to share their best practice; update their skills and be able to demonstrate attendance in a current programme to show CPD.


Course Duration:


PTLLS Award Level 3 : 5 weeks