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Management Qualifications


Higher National Certificate and Diplomas in Management


Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma (Year 1 and 2 towards BA Honours pathway)


HNC is equivalent to year one of an honours degree and students may progress to year 2 with a UK university.

HND is equivalent to year two of an honours degree and students may progress to final year with a UK university.


A Higher National diploma provides a range of progression opportunities for learners, including routes into employment and topping up your study to a full degree


If you wish to go on to higher education and gain a recognised qualification to do a specific job, a HNC or HND could be for you. HNCs and HNDs focus on 'learning by doing' and can lead into a new career, or help candidates progress in their current line of work. While bachelors degrees tend to focus on gaining knowledge, HNCs and HNDs are designed to give candidates the skills to put that knowledge to effective use in a particular job.


These qualifications are highly valued by employers both in the UK and overseas, and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations.


HNCs and HNDs are provided by over 400 universities and further education colleges in the UK. HNCs can take one year to complete full time and two years part time. HNDs take two years full time and can also be taken part time.


Qualification levels

HNCs and HNDs are at level 4 and 5 on the National Qualifications Framework.


How you are assessed

HNCs and HNDs are mainly assessed through assignments, projects and practical tasks that candidates complete throughout the course.


Where they can lead

Because HNCs and HNDs are designed to give you the skills for a particular field of work, they can lead straight in to a career. You can also use the qualifications to progress within your current career, for example as a stepping stone to gaining professional status.


You can also convert your HNC or HND to a bachelors degree with extra study. Once you complete your course, HNCs can allow entry into the second year of a degree, while HNDs can allow entry into the second or third year.


We will help you secure a place with UK universities after completion of this course.