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Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership


Duration: Award (2-8 weeks) Certificate (16 weeks)  Diploma (24 weeks) Extended Diploma (36 to 48 weeks)

Study Mode: Face to Face or online


These Level 7 qualifications are designed to provide specialist work related programme of study for those who are interested in developing a greater depth of understanding of Leadership and Management.


Four qualification sizes are available (Award, Certificate, Diploma and Extended Diploma) giving candidates the choice of anything from the full-time 1 year Extended Diploma course, down to the Award which can be completed in a couple of weeks as an intensive short course. This allows great flexibility to meet students’ needs. All courses can be studied full-time or part-time, depending on your chosen method of study.


Who should study a Level 7 postgraduate qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership?


Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership qualifications provide businessmen and women with an insight into strategic management and leadership, helping career-minded individuals who are looking for:


  • Entry on to masters’ degrees including MBAs
  • Career progression in their current industry
  • Career progression into a new industry
  • Job market entry at a higher level


Each qualification covers all of the content of any qualification smaller than it - that is any qualification that covers fewer units. This means a candidate may complete the Award, and then go on to do the Certificate being required only to complete an extra 1-2 units, rather than having to do the full amount (2-3 units). This allows candidates to progress within the range of BTEC Level 7 qualification sizes: from Award to Certificate to Diploma to Extended Diploma.


Subject to experience, rank and previous training, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may award credits for certain units.


Progession to an MBA and other masters’ degrees


There are several universities which have formally agreed to provide MBA and/or masters’ degree entry with advanced standings to candidates who have achieved the BTEC Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership Diploma or Extended Diploma.


Qualification levels

DSML is a (masters) level 7 qualification on National Qualifications Framework.


How you are assessed

DSML is assessed through assignments, projects or practical tasks that candidates complete throughout the course.


Where DSML could lead

It is a postgraduate qualification in its own right but can also be used as a stepping stone to studying further towards a Masters Degree.