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SuperPay - Multi year Multi-company Payroll System


Superpay keeps your payroll details instantly accessible. With Superpay’s unique way of storing data you can quickly access both current and `archived' payroll information. You can:


  • Print or view reports or payslips for any week or range of weeks.
  • Go back as many weeks as you want to correct a payslip.
  • Print or view reports or payslips across tax years; for example print pension totals for a calendar year.
  • Quickly call up an employee's details to answer audit Inland Revenue queries relating to previous periods (or tax years).
  • Thousands of companies already use Superpay - from big name accountants running a bureau service for hundreds of clients, to manufacturing companies, to tiny service companies with 3 or 4 employees. So, whatever your payroll, Superpay can handle it.
  • Superpay is comprehensive yet easy to use whether you have a complex payroll or a simple salaries requirement. You need never be inconvenienced by a multitude of facilities you don't require, but they are there in the background if you do.
  • Your employees can see exactly how their gross pay has been calculated and what deductions have been made.
  • Superpay does all your tax and NI calculations
  • SuperPay conforms with all the tax and NI etc. regulations. Directors' payroll, unusual tax codes, pensions, SSP, SMP, Tax Credits, Stakeholder Pensions, and Benefits in Kind are all included.
  • Newcomers to computers can get Superpay up and running within a few hours of installation. And, for the experienced computer user, Superpay's logical menus, unique payslip screen, enquiry and error correction facilities eliminate extensive re-learning.


Contact OWI to arrange a bespoke SuperPay training.