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Why study through OWI?


There are several reasons why OWI could be the best option for you to progress

in your career or life. There are many factors which differentiate OWI from many

other education providers in the UK.


1.  Flexible and affordable learning. Savings maybe up to £30,000 over 3 years for an undergraduate degree or more than £6000 for a masters level programme.


2.  Individual support through a blended learning model where you can attend a class and speak to your personal tutor while having access to all resources through our state of the art Virtual Learning Environment.


3.  Full time, part time and online courses. If you have time and would like to attend regular classes then OWI's experienced lecturers will deliver high quality education to you. If you are too busy at work or in other activities, we can bring the education to you through our state of the art virtual learning environment and you can progress without compromising on your dreams.


4.  Progression routes - Due to QCF based UK accredited qualifications, even with an Award, it is possible to progress further and obtain a degree or diploma.


5.   Tailored assessments - OWI courses are designed keeping in view needs of a variety of industries. From doctors and nurses to solicitors and engineers, students to professionals and people preparing to entre in to practical life to experienced individuals, the assessments are tailored based on YOUR background and needs instead of one for all formula.



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