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One World Innovation - About Us


Welcome to One World Innovation!


Here at One World Innovation, we understand the value of a globally recognised qualifications for an individual. That is why we offer solutions for students, employees and learners around the world and can help YOU achieve your goals.


We believe the importance of higher education is more than just a means of acquiring knowledge and skills; it can be a character building experience and the start of an extraordinary journey for you. One World Innovation will ensure the journey is the reward for YOU.



We are committed to bringing British education from diplomas to degrees right to your doorstep, allowing you to further improve your career prospects from the comfort of your own home. One World Innovation currently offers programmes in Computer Studies, Business Studies, Hospitality Management and Health and Social Care from various UK awarding organisations. By offering such a diverse range of courses, we are unique in attracting people who have strong ethos and the desire to succeed academically and personally.


One World Innovation believes private higher education has much to offer to the public, in particular the chance to improve their skills development to face the world of work. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals excels in producing strong leaders, skilled individuals, and successful learners aiming to reach the top of their field. Join us today, and take advantage of our vision to help YOU find your niche and experience personal growth in a way that is fulfilling and enriching.


Come to life, come to learn with One World Innovation!


One World Innovation is a company registered in England and Wales (Company Number 7501723).

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